EDL Story – Chapter 1

– not my views – but an attempt to write about a character who has views a million miles from mine
Scott’s dad doesn’t know how close he came to being punched ,punched hard, in the face on Tuesday night. Tuesday night is his mums’ zumba night, so he & his dad have to sort themselves out, so tonight, its oven chips & chicken  tikka masala, pretty good really and because his mums out, they can eat out of the microwave dishes and save on washing up.So, Scott reckons it’s a good time to tell his dad what he’s planning to do on Saturday, cos this a man sort of thing and he doesn’t need him mum bleating and worrying and doing her thing of focussing on the least important bit , like the time when he and Jake and Nate wanted to go to Glastonbury and all she was worried about was the toilets and where  they would wash their hands.So, he just drops it casual like into the conversation and he really wants a reaction – would even like it if his dad went a bit mental, reacted the way he did when Scott got his eyebrow pierced. Maybe even told him he couldn’t go, so that Scott could kick off a bit, tell his dad, again, what was really going on. Deep, deep down, Scott would like his dad to be a bit impressed, maybe even say he will come too, but, his dad just leans over, snaffles a chip from his plate and ruffles his hair and just for a second Scott really, really wants to punch him, but then Jeremy Clarkson starts talking and his dad stops paying him any attention and the moment is gone.Scott’s being trying to tell his parents what’s going on for months now, he’s shown them stuff on you-tube and web sites but they just don’t get it, when he told his mum about Sharia law, she just laughed and said she quite fancied wearing a burkha if it made getting ready for work that  bit quicker.Scott gets its though and he’s started meeting other people who get it too and they don’t treat him like a kid and no-body there ruffles his hair and people listen to him like when he tells them about going past his old primary school and how that felt.He was walking past the school and the weird thing was he recognised some of the teachers, still in their sensible shoes and smelling of coffee, but the kids, the kids, they were all speaking loads of languages, all wearing those head scarf things , he looked around the playground and he couldn’t see one, not even one white face and it made him feel angry and wrong, so he pushed Tyson close to the fence and Tyson barked and all the kids ran away and that made him feel a little better, gave him back a bit of power and when he talked about it at the meeting, the other guys nodded and seemed to understand how  it could be.
Saturday morning, he’s up really early and he thinks about taking some weed with him, just to mellow out the day, but then he remembers that they mustn’t do anything to give the police an excuse, so he has a little smoke on the way to the bus station, so he’s feeling pretty chilled and he wishes he has Tyson with him, cos Tyson is a cool looking dog – almost a pit bull, but his mum did  that thing again when he just happened to mention taking Tyson,  that focusing on the not important and she started really stressing about Tyson getting lost, never mind him, so Tyson got  to stay at home and here he is now, walking through town before the shops are even open.
At the bus station, there’s a group waiting and coaches all ready to take them to Leicester, there’s even some girls, a couple are wearing really good t-shirts with the name of their group and the date, he wanted a t-shirt but when he mentioned it to his mum she said that money was too tight to mention and then his dad started singing some lame song from back in their day and then they started dancing around the kitchen and he was so embarrassed that he go upstairs and shut his bedroom door to drown them out.
But these girls look good and he wants to talk to them, wishes he had a spliff on the go so that he could offer it to them, break the ice, get chatting, but he just nods instead and goes and stands near the coach.
Lee and Kev are there, so he stands next to them, they are older and there’s something comforting about them. They don’t say much, but they’ve been doing this  a long time. they’re like some kind of back in the day warriors, they get respect and Scott reckons on staying as close as possible to them, somehow, he hasn’t really mentioned that he’s never done this before and he’s scared that he might get it wrong, show himself up, look like a kid. But he reasons, stay with them and just copy what they do – should be alright.
The coaches are filling up now – somehow Scott expected more people, maybe some of them are making their own way – it reminds him a bit of school trips – there’s even one of the organisers standing at the coach steps ticking names off and handing out legal advice sheets – could be a teacher from the legend that was the Yr 10 geography field trip – epic weekend that.
Scott looks at the legal advice sheet, wonders what would actually happen if he did get arrested, what would him mum & dad do? They flipped enough when he & his mates got stopped for riding those mini-motos on the reccy – grounded him & took his phone away – he pretty much decides there and then that he’s not ready to get arrested for the cause. This is his first time out, he can take it easy, stay under the radar, suss it all out, make plans for next time.

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