EDL Story – Chapter 2

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i wanted to write about someone on “the other side” and give myself the challenge of making him human – even likeable [ it does NOT mean i like his views] – chapter 3 in progress – please leave your responses & feeel free to re-post/share.

Chapter 2

Scotts’ never been to Leicester before, he wasn’t really sure where it was till he googled it – he’s been to Nottingham though – that was full of Goths and girls with green hair and a massive JB Sports shop – he could have bought 20 pairs of trainers there – had an endless supply of box fresh Air Nikes, he just tried on so many pairs that the shop guy got fed up & kicked them all  out

That was when he used to hang out with Mo & Little T – he doesn’t do that anymore.

Anyway, Leicester is close to Nottingham, he wonders if there’s a lot of Goths there too , he’s not sure if he’d like a Goth girlfriend, not sure what his mum would say, not sure if green hair would suit him.

Some of the girls on the coach are well fit, one girl, he’s not sure of her name, is sitting on the other side of the aisle & she’s kneeling up in her seat to talk to the girl in front, she’s bending forward and her jeans have slipped down a bit – he can see a strip of bright pink thong & he’s trying to look and not look and be cool and he hopes no-body has noticed, but Lee clocks him and grins.

“how do you fancy burying your face in there then bro?

All Scott can do is nod & mumble and really, really hope his face isn’t red

“Yeah bro – for real” he manages.

He looks away for a minute and starts tuning in to what Lee and Kev and some of the older guys are talking about.

They are quiet and almost solemn – Kev pulls out an I-phone – he’s on You-Tube looking at clips already uploaded today , he passes it to Scott

“look” he says “Intelligence” – someone has been filming in Leicester this morning, there are police vans everywhere. Scott’s not sure what Leicester normally looks like on a Saturday morning, but he guesses there are normally more people out & about. The whole town centre has a shuttered down look, shop windows are bordered up .

It suddenly hits Scott, this is all for him, for him & his mates, they are like those olden day guys , he searches for their name, it’s on the tip of his tongue and he gets it – Vikings, they’re like Vikings, laying siege to some olden times village……………………………………..

Kev has been preparing for today, he’s  downloaded maps of Leicester  city centre and marked the routes of the two marches in biro, he’s even drawn a big circle round the estate he reckons all the Somalis live on

“It’s  easy” he jabs the paper with his finger, tracing the route from the city centre to the estate “ get round the police, leg it up here “ “ he jabs the map again “ face to face with no police to protect them.  Basic reconnaissance mate , basic  reconnaissance”

Scott rolls the words around his tongue – intelligence, reconnaissance – this is like Black Ops but better , he can feel his heart beginning to pound the way it does when he plays COD, when he’s so into the game that it’s like he is in the game – Scott begins to feel pumped, there .

Today is all about re-claiming the streets for decent white people and Scott is ready to do his bit. Lee passes him a chicken slice from Greggs, still warm, he bites into it and stares out of the window. The coach powers down the motorway, it’s starting to snow.

Scott thinks about Vikings and wonders if he can risk another quick perv on Thong  Girl – he might even ask her name this time.

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