EDL Story – Chapter 3

The guys in the back of the coach, the ones on that long seat, the one always  reserved for the properly cool kids at school, are suddenly shouting, hooting & banging on the glass.
Scott didn’t even know he was asleep until their noise jerks him awake, he looks around, for a second not really sure where he is and it takes him a moment to orientate himself.
Even then, it is a few more seconds before the noises & movement actually make any sense.
Their coach is stuck in traffic, nothing moving, cars & vans so close that Scott can see right into them and stuck next to their coach is some beat up old white mini-bus, its got some weird foreign writing on the side and it full, stuffed full of towel heads & their Guinness bottle wives.
The guys at the back of the coach, well its just a gift, so they’re really giving it some – waving placards & flags, giving them the finger and then this guy, Scott’s not sure of his name – Ryan, Ricky, something beginning with R, he drops his trousers & he’s mooning at them and everyone’s laughing, cos its just dead stupid. There’s this spotty white arse waggling at the window and the Taliban lovers, they’re all sitting in the crap-mobile – staring straight ahead like there is nothing happening.
Its so funny that Scotts’ stomach actually hurts from laughing, even the old guys nod & smile , Scott notices Lee giving a nod of approval to Ricky or Ryan or whatever his name is, maybe he’ll sit there on the way back, have a bit of a laugh.
Scott looks at his phone to check the time, he cant remember the last time he was up & doing this early on a Saturday  morning. It was different when he was at school, then Saturdays meant football, its not like Scotts’ a great  footballer or anything, even Mr Donovan always said  that he was keen rather than skilled, but Scott loves it – the whole thing, training, the match, McDonalds afterwards, but when he went to college, he looked at the football teams & he thought about it, about joining, but like Kev said “well, it just wouldn’t look right]”, Lee patted him on the shoulder, talked about sacrifice, so maybe giving up football is Scotts’ sacrifice, his part of the war.
The coach slows down again, Scott looks up, they seen to have arrived somewhere, they’re  pulling into a car park.
Its time for something to happen,.

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