Picasso plates @ New Walk museum, Leicester

If you have ever been on a UK holiday with small children, you will understand the concept.
Its raining for the 4th day, the cottage smells of death, so you venture out, cagjoule clad and find yourself in a pottery painting studio. There you drink bad coffee and stare out of the window, trying to convince yourself that it is clearing up, honestly and the children paint ready made mugs, plates and bowls for a price that would have bought a whole dinner service at Ikea.

This permanent collection at the museum is Picassos’ take on this, a long relationship with a pottery studio has resulted in a huge and rather lovely collection of painted plates and bowls. They are witty and charming and somewhat of a surprise to find in a medium sized regional gallery.

Oh and the coffee is much better too.

They were very keen on me not taking photos, so this is the best i can do.




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