Moulin Rouge

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Freedom and


above all else, Love,  because  this is a story about falling in love at the Moulin Rouge, about doomed love, about love that no-one even notices, about love for sale and love given away for free.

But even then, there is always a cost, something lost, something taken, love is bad for business.

The French are glad to die for love

This then is the best sort of love, a doomed and tragic love

A kiss on the hand is quite continental

Why fall in love with the penniless writer when other desire will wrap your neck in jewels, allow the moon to shine against your skin, pale skin in paler moonlight

But diamonds are a girls’ best friend

Lost in their love story, eyes only for each-other, blind to harsh realities of our Moulin lives

A kiss may be grand

But it won’t pay the rental

On your humble flat

She chooses to close her eyes, imagine a better future

A life where charm is never lost, where the body stays adored, forever young

But square-cut or pear-shaped,

These rocks don’t loose their shape.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

We try to warn her,

Time rolls on,

And youth is gone

,And you can’t straighten up when you bend.

But she laughs in our faces, says their love will last for always, says that their love will keep her warm

Men grow cold

As girls grow old,

And we all lose our charms in the end.

And at the end, when everything is lost, love, beauty, freedom.

There is only truth remaining

Diamonds! Diamonds!

I don’t mean rhinestones!

But diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

About cathi rae

50ish teacher & aspiring writer and parent of a stroppy teenager and carer for a confused bedlington terrier and a small selection of horses who fail to shar emy dressage ambitions. Interested in contemporary fiction but find myself returning to PG Wodehouse when the chips are down View all posts by cathi rae

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