Why you should be reading Christopher Priest.

1. Slipstream, forget all the young pretenders, those johnny come latelies, this man has been doing it, subtly, cleverly and in ways that will haunt you, for years and years.
2. Dystopian visions, read FUGUE FOR A DARKENING ISLAND, a short uneasy read which has scarily become more unsettling as the years go by.
3. THE GLAMOUR, a novel which I re-read every year or so and which never fails to sneak into my own dream landscape
4. You might find his books in the Sci-Fi section in Waterstones, do not be put off by this.
5. He is quite genuinely a writer whose books need to be read twice, not because they are “difficult” but because the complexities of style, content and structure only reveal themselves on second reading.
6. Because he incapable of writing a dull book
7. The DREAM ARCHIPELAGO series will become part of your own dreams and they will be the better for it.
8. There was nothing wrong with the film version of THE PRESTIGE, but you will get far more from the novel itself.
9.If he did not have a Sci-Fi identity, THE SEPERATION would be on long lists for major prizes.
10.Because he has possibly the worst blog/web site identity in the known world and personally, I find that comforting.

And here’s a Wikipedia link……



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