The Life of Pi – in 3d no less

So. I’m sitting in a multiplex, reeling from the price of mainstream cinemas, waiting to be entertained in glourious 3d.
And I’m looking forward to it, Life of Pi is a book I have enjoyed, recommended and re-read and besides the last popular Hollywood film I saw was Avatar, so I’m interested in seeing how 3d-ness has improved in the last couple of years.

Life of Pi is a fabolous novel, it may or may not tell the story of a young Indian man, who travelling with his family and their zoo to a new life in Canada, is shipwrecked as the sole human survivor when the boat capsizes and is cast adrift in a dingy with a dying zebra, a hyena , an ape and a fully grown Bengal tiger.

The novel is playful, mischevious, drops hints throughout that thungs may not be what they seem, the tiger is called Richard Parker, the namesake of the first survivor eaten in a well known and well documented 19th Century shipwreck and cannibalism case.

The film cannot capture this tone of deceit, game playing and the ultimate unreliable narrator, so settles for a boy on a dingy with a dangerous carnivor, think snakes on planesm but has the additional major problem that the framing device of the boy now grown to adulthood, re-telling his story, takes away any tension as the story unfolds, after all, we know he survives and the final sequence, where a very different story is told and far darker deeds unfold. is so throw away that it looses the weight given to this version in the original novel.

The 3d sequences look lovely, the CGI tiger is impressive, but if you havn’t seen it, I strongly suggest that you hunt down the novel instead, if nothing else, it will be a whole lot cheaper.

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