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New Walk Museum, Leicester – Poetry and Art inspired by words

I have to admit some personal interest here, all the poets taking part in this exhibition are colleagues in writing @ Leicester Writers Club and they are all writers whose work I admire, so I was interested to see how their words had inspired artists from the Leicester Society of Artists.
It’s a well put together, easy to follow exhibition, with work from the poets linked to the art pieces they inspired.
Some thought provoking work and within enough genres and styles to provide something that most people will like or perhaps more satisfyingly, take strongly against.

It’s easy to forget about New Walk Museum, particularly if you live in Leicester or to see it just as somewhere to take small children to stare at the dinosaur….but a new hanging of some of their rather good modern art collection, the always pleasing Picasso ceramics and about to be opened new gallery of their Victorian art and often interesting touring shows, means that perhaps we ought to get there more often.

Exhibition details below…


And a few sneaky photos too.